Piracy the new business model

Empires at War Somali pirates did not put to sea to further the cause of space opera, but space opera is an unintended beneficiary of their depradations, because we now have an excuse to reconsider a time honored trope: But is it really that unrealistic to have space pirates. Between anda succession of peace treaties was signed which ended the War of the Spanish Succession.

The early English governors of Jamaica freely granted letters of marque to Tortuga buccaneers and to their own countrymen, while the growth of Port Royal provided these raiders with a far more profitable and enjoyable place to sell their booty. As soon as the Venetian fleet would return to the Adriatic, the Narentines temporarily abandoned their habits again, even signing a Treaty in Venice and baptising their Slavic pagan leader into Christianity.

I was going to say that your orbital pirates would also have a problem in profitably disposing of their ill-gotten cargoes, since anyone could see and track a ship leaving Port Royal and arrest it whenever and wherever it tried to sell its stolen cargo. And it certainly has never stopped lawyers from racking up expensive hours constructing a variety of legal Spruce Gooses.

The Piracy Prosecution Model has been applauded as an innovative regional criminal justice approach taken by states in the Western Indian Ocean in response to the shared threat of piracy, particularly Kenya, Mauritius and Seychelles who stepped forward as prosecuting States.

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Commissioners of these vice-admiralty courts were also vested with "full power and authority" to issue warrants, summon the necessary witnesses, and "to do all thing necessary for the hearing and final determination of any case of piracy, robbery, or felony.

The first hurdle is with theater chains. Screenshot from The Expanse Vantablack If the watchful eyes of police and military sensors cannot detect the pirate ship, then it is free to do whatever it pleases.

Piracy in the Caribbean declined for the next several decades afterbut by the s many pirates roamed the waters though they were not as bold or successful as their predecessors. The underlying requirement is that the shipping industry regard piracy losses as cheaper than paying for enough hugely expensive Space Patrol ships to clean up the spaceways — and perhaps cheaper than opening their own books to prying official eyes.


The aim of these training courses is to give officers the tools to, for example, spot signs that crew on board a vessel are victims of trafficking, or that a ship is smuggling narcotics in hidden compartments, etc. Unless the reward is cash, they need to convert their gains into money.

Government institutions ceased to function, rebel and gangs organized themselves into armed groups and the Somalian Navy disbanded.

In the 12th century the coasts of western Scandinavia were plundered by Curonians and Oeselians from the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The remoteness of the place and the rapids at the Dnepr river effectively guarded the place from invasions of vengeful powers.

Hollywood Wants Hosting Providers to Block Referral Traffic From Pirate Sites

Mediterranean corsairs See also: The State may accept or refuse the case for prosecution based on its own evaluation of the evidence and other considerations. In this situation the Patrol is likely to be mainly an emergency rescue organization, and even if their craft have some armament, how many ships do they have.

The GMCP IO team works with coastal states of the Indian Ocean to enhance and coordinate their efforts to effectively respond to maritime crimes affecting their waters.

Rapidshare’s Founder, Wife and Lawyer Stand Trial in Piracy Case

As Carla said — Close quarters, crowded conditions, difficulty telling friend from foe, split-second life and death decisions, all in a boiling cauldron of politics and money. If the half dozen Space Patrol ships are busy shadowing each other national politics or inspecting the freighters from Mars Customs and Drug Enforcement or tracking some asteroid Navigation Hazard Abatementthey then miss the whole thing.

Here are five alternative models for selling music, many of which are actually being tested by artists, entrepreneurs, and even the major record labels themselves. Stealth in Space was covered in a four-part series earlier in the blog.

This category is for P2P business models. Articles should emphasize P2P dynamics.

Stop Online Piracy Act

Entertainment Industry Embraces New Business Model: Suing Google For Third-Party Android Apps That 'Promote Piracy' from the piracy: keeping-lawyers-employed-since dept. On the Carters’ new song “NICE,” just before interpolating Guillermo Díaz’s famous Half Baked tirade, Beyoncé hocks a fat loogie at a longtime nemesis: “If I gave two fucks about.

Mar 14,  · Dying business models are sometimes the result of true innovation and creative destruction, but theft and piracy are neither innovative nor creative. New business models are necessary to help combat and reduce some of the piracy, but they alone can’t stop piracy.

The GMCP IO team works with coastal states of the Indian Ocean to enhance and coordinate their efforts to effectively respond to maritime crimes affecting their waters.

Questioning Piracy, Part 5 – The New Business Model October 4, October 4, Chris Dias Views RPG (These series of articles involve quotes from posts on a forum website that distributed copyrighted material.

Piracy the new business model
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