Influence of gangs on characters in the outsiders

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The Army Council

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The Outsiders

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Peer pressure

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A page for describing Characters: Assassin's Creed: The Assassins. This character page is for Assassins in the modern day storyline, as well as the.

What is Cyberpunk?

Course Summary This flexible and self-paced study guide course covers the most important information about the novel ''The Outsiders.''. The Assassin Brotherhood, also known as the Assassin Order, the Hidden Ones during its early years and the Hashshashin during the Crusades, was an organized order of assassins and sworn enemies of the Templar Order, against whom they fought a continuous, recondite war throughout the entirety of.

The journey of the characters in S.E. Hinton’s novel “The Outsiders” is influenced greatly by the behavior of the people around them, stereotypes, and their own internal conflicts.

Each of these influences plays a key role in the story line of the novel and makes it even more enjoyable to read.

Gangs of New York: The History That Inspired the Movie

The members of many small neighborhood gangs identify themselves as greasers. The main characters in The Outsiders — Ponyboy Curtis, Darry Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Two-Bit Mathews, Steve Randle, Dally Winston, and Johnny Cade — make up a small gang of greasers.


This is a list of characters who appear in the superhero TV series Static Shock.

Influence of gangs on characters in the outsiders
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