A biography of james knox polk a candidate of the democratic party in 1844

He engaged in an extensive correspondence with Democratic Party officials as he managed his campaign. The tariff was also influential in causing Britain to repeal its corn laws, which restricted grain imports. Polk campaigned in vain for Van Buren [57] and was embarrassed by the outcome; Jackson, who had returned to his home, the Hermitagenear Nashville, was horrified at the prospect of a Whig administration.

Both Henry Clay and Van Buren published letters opposing the annexation because it might lead to war and, moreover, because Texas' debt was too great for the U.

Britain later agreed to a border at the 49th parallel, which is today the border between the U. James Knox and Sarah Childress Polk. Recalling that he had long stated that tariffs should only be sufficient to finance government operations, he maintained that stance, but wrote that within that limitation, government could and should offer "fair and just protection" to American interests, including manufacturers.

Polk firmly enforced the " gag rule ", by which the House of Representatives would not accept or debate citizen petitions regarding slavery. Polk was the first president to have his photograph taken while in office.

A dedicated student and public servant, Polk carried his determination and energy to the presidency where his talents greatly increased the size of the nation.

He was a sickly child and even had to have his gallstones removed in a surgery without any type of pain killers or anesthesia. Van Buren still wanted his previous running-mate, R.

Traditionally, the Democratic Party had been opposed to tariffs. James Polk began his journey to greatness in the land "where the weak grow strong, and the strong grow great", North Carolina. Samuel became a county judge, and the guests at his home included Andrew Jacksonwho had already served as a judge and in Congress.

A member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. The news of his nomination was quickly sent to Washington by telegraph—the first commercial message sent on the new Baltimore-Washington telegraph.


To win support from the West, the administration argued that a low tariff would enable Western farmers to sell their surplus grain abroad.

Soon, his father, now a rich man was able to send James Polk to a much better school, where he continued his studies at an more astonishing rate. But the Democrats could not reconcile their differences, and a compromise candidate had to be found.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Polk Memorial State Historic Site. Polk's committee issued a report questioning the Second Bank's finances, and another supporting Jackson's actions against it. Butler formally withdrew Van Buren's name, many delegations declared for the Tennessean, and on the ninth ballot Polk received ballots to Cass's 29, making him the Democratic nominee for president.

United States presidential election, 1844

Meanwhile, his victory in had greatly impressed Democratic leaders throughout the nation, and even though he lost the elections for governor in andhe had become a national figure and a potential candidate for the vice presidency in Southern newspapers, on the other hand, went far in defending Polk, one Nashville newspaper alleging that his slaves preferred their bondage to freedom.

Polk was a supporter of fellow Tennessean Andrew Jackson. A member of the U. In the general election, Polk ran against U. Cass could not attract the support necessary to reach two-thirds, and Van Buren's supporters were more and more discouraged about the former president's chances.

When Cannon came back on the campaign trail in the final days, Polk pursued him, hastening the length of the state to be able to debate the governor again. When Jackson retired from his Presidency, so too Polk did as well. It was clear, on the seventh ballot that Van Buren would not win the two-third majority.

James K. Polk

He felt that he had accomplished his goal of expanding the territory of the U. Polk is mostly known for expanding the territory of the United States. His rapid rise to political power was furthered by his wife, Sarah Childress Polk —91whom he married January 1,while serving in the state House of Representatives — Tyler had been nominated by a group of loyal officeholders.

After graduation, he did apprenticeship under Felix Grundy, who was a well-known Nashville trial attorney. Oct 29,  · James Knox Polk was born on The Dark Horse Candidate.

James Knox Polk

InJames Polk unexpectedly became the Democrats’ nominee for president. failed to secure the party’s nomination. Polk thus. The United States presidential election of saw Democrat James Knox Polk defeat Whig Henry Clay in a close contest that turned on foreign policy, with Polk favoring the annexation of Texas and Clay opposed.

Polk went on to win the popular vote by a razor-thin margin, but took the electoral college handily. Presidency and Expansionism. James Polk took office on March 4, —and, at 49 years of age, he became the youngest president in American parisplacestecatherine.com: Nov 02, A lawyer and former congressman from Tennessee, James Knox Polk became a “dark horse” candidate for the Democratic Party in He narrowly defeated Whig Henry Clay in the general election and succeeded John Tyler to the presidency.

Often referred to as the first “dark horse,” James K. Polk was the 11th President of the United States from tothe last strong President until the Civil War. InPolk entered the presidential race hoping to be nominated for vice president.

Most people expected that former president, Martin Van Buren, would .

A biography of james knox polk a candidate of the democratic party in 1844
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